Montag, 22. August 2011

Done! Even with music!

This is the final version:

There is also a theme song and a ingame song.  The samples are ingame sounds like jump-sound, checkpoint-sound :).


Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Nearly done

Since motivation left me I will finish soon.  Here is the a version with sound, full "story" and and and :)

Samstag, 20. August 2011


Now I have a realy stupid story!

I published it as on picasaweb.

HF :)

Animation, Background and stuff

Now I can publish another version of the game.

Background images and sprites
Now I have a real sprite class a background and 3h extra sleep :).  Graphics looks stupid, this should be better.  Also I need a trash-story :).

You can test the game by downloading Love2D and the game.


Hey hey, I made some graphics :)

Here a screenshot:


Hi there,

Now I will continue.  The quality of the livestream is really mad and slows down my computer so I can't test my game.  So I decided to stop the livestream, sorry.

"Quality" of Screencast.

Need more sleep

Theme is escape.  That's perfect for a jump'n run.  I have made a version simple version where you can jump around.  If you want to test it, please download Love2D and the game.

I need to sleep for two hours.  Good night

Freitag, 19. August 2011

How to run games while competition runs

I will publish the current state of my game as love-files.  To run them you will need the love2d engine installed.  There is not enough time to build a package for each operating system.

Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Ludum Dare #21 - 1 day left

There is one day left until Ludum Dare begins.  The last two weeks I prepared and trained for it.  Here is what I have done:

Pragramming like a nerd

What I did so far to learn stuff about Love2D
A good friend told me about the Love2D engine.  Since this engine is easy to use, based on lua and runs standalone on Windows, Linux and Mac I decided to use it.  Maybe some flash, javascript or other webbased stuff would be better but I don't care now, it's too late.

I prepared for some tile based 2d games like a jump'n run.  But I did only some basic stuff without sprites or anything else.  For leveldesign I will use PNG graphics.

Please note:  It was just training, I will code it again from scratch at the competition.

Painting stuff
A guy I painted in gimp

Nice games need some nice graphics.  That's why I can never make a nice game ;).  So I need some training at it and made some graphics and published them on a picasa album.  Though I use gimp but I'll use it like paint :).

Music and sound

Sound is easy.  Thanks to sfxrbfxr and audacity.  Much more complicated is music creation.  I found inudge where I made a nice song.   But unfortunatelly this tool is not able to generate audiofiles and so I can't use it for my games :(.   Now I will do some stuff in Milkytracker if I have enough time for it and will use A#, F, G, C as chords.

Livestream and updates

I will setup a live screencast from my computer.  Please don't expect good quality, I'm glad to be able to stream on Ubuntu using WebcamStudio but I don't trust in it very much.  Every second a screenshot will be saved, too.  After the competition I will merge them and generate a video.

Update messages will be posted here on and at the Ludum Dare Blog twice.

Since this is a word wide competition I will use english.  Normaly, I never speak or write english in real life, so it could and will be painful for all of us ;).