Montag, 22. August 2011

Done! Even with music!

This is the final version:

There is also a theme song and a ingame song.  The samples are ingame sounds like jump-sound, checkpoint-sound :).


Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Nearly done

Since motivation left me I will finish soon.  Here is the a version with sound, full "story" and and and :)

Samstag, 20. August 2011


Now I have a realy stupid story!

I published it as on picasaweb.

HF :)

Animation, Background and stuff

Now I can publish another version of the game.

Background images and sprites
Now I have a real sprite class a background and 3h extra sleep :).  Graphics looks stupid, this should be better.  Also I need a trash-story :).

You can test the game by downloading Love2D and the game.


Hey hey, I made some graphics :)

Here a screenshot:


Hi there,

Now I will continue.  The quality of the livestream is really mad and slows down my computer so I can't test my game.  So I decided to stop the livestream, sorry.

"Quality" of Screencast.

Need more sleep

Theme is escape.  That's perfect for a jump'n run.  I have made a version simple version where you can jump around.  If you want to test it, please download Love2D and the game.

I need to sleep for two hours.  Good night

Freitag, 19. August 2011

How to run games while competition runs

I will publish the current state of my game as love-files.  To run them you will need the love2d engine installed.  There is not enough time to build a package for each operating system.

Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Ludum Dare #21 - 1 day left

There is one day left until Ludum Dare begins.  The last two weeks I prepared and trained for it.  Here is what I have done:

Pragramming like a nerd

What I did so far to learn stuff about Love2D
A good friend told me about the Love2D engine.  Since this engine is easy to use, based on lua and runs standalone on Windows, Linux and Mac I decided to use it.  Maybe some flash, javascript or other webbased stuff would be better but I don't care now, it's too late.

I prepared for some tile based 2d games like a jump'n run.  But I did only some basic stuff without sprites or anything else.  For leveldesign I will use PNG graphics.

Please note:  It was just training, I will code it again from scratch at the competition.

Painting stuff
A guy I painted in gimp

Nice games need some nice graphics.  That's why I can never make a nice game ;).  So I need some training at it and made some graphics and published them on a picasa album.  Though I use gimp but I'll use it like paint :).

Music and sound

Sound is easy.  Thanks to sfxrbfxr and audacity.  Much more complicated is music creation.  I found inudge where I made a nice song.   But unfortunatelly this tool is not able to generate audiofiles and so I can't use it for my games :(.   Now I will do some stuff in Milkytracker if I have enough time for it and will use A#, F, G, C as chords.

Livestream and updates

I will setup a live screencast from my computer.  Please don't expect good quality, I'm glad to be able to stream on Ubuntu using WebcamStudio but I don't trust in it very much.  Every second a screenshot will be saved, too.  After the competition I will merge them and generate a video.

Update messages will be posted here on and at the Ludum Dare Blog twice.

Since this is a word wide competition I will use english.  Normaly, I never speak or write english in real life, so it could and will be painful for all of us ;).  

Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

Das QT Getter und Setter WTF

Alles was Schoen und Gut ist aber die Getter und Setter Regeln von QT gehen ja mal wirklich nicht! Hier die lustigen Regeln, die wohl jemanden beim Saufen eingefallen sind:
  • Adjectives are prefixed with is-. Examples:
    • isChecked()
    • isDown()
    • isEmpty()
    • isMovingEnabled()
    However, adjectives applying to a plural noun have no prefix:
    • scrollBarsEnabled(), not areScrollBarsEnabled()
  • Verbs have no prefix and don't use the third person (-s):
    • acceptDrops(), not acceptsDrops()
    • allColumnsShowFocus()
  • Nouns generally have no prefix:
    • autoCompletion(), not isAutoCompletion()
    • boundaryChecking()
    Sometimes, having no prefix is misleading, in which case we prefix with is-:
    • isOpenGLAvailable(), not openGL()
    • isDialog(), not dialog()

Dann sind ihnen wohl die Ideen ausgegangen.

Quelle: (a bissl runter scrollen)